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Burst of creativity.

I’ve been working on some various Photoshop designs recently.  Nothing incredibly detailed or intense, but fun little creativity grenades to lob into the universe.  Most, if not all, of these will be showing up on CafePress and should be available to purchase on shirts, mugs, coasters, and such. (Remember, some are designed to go on a black or colored background. Use your imagination on those.)

DS9coaster NeonTrekB NeonTrekR NeonTrekY redshirtmemorial samuraiblack samuraiwhite starfleetcoffee


The Doctor is in…my phone

Just put together some new wallpapers for the iPhone 5, which can also be found in the image gallery on this blog.  Both images are sized to fit the screen of an iPhone 5 without the need for cropping.  The wallpapers are made under the Creative Commons License.  All images used and composited to create these wallpapers are the property of the original artists, and no copyright infringement is intended.  Please feel free to share this post, and/or the images presented.

Sized for the iPhone5

Sized for the iPhone5

Sized for the iPhone5

Sized for the iPhone5

As a matter of fact…

Fact 2736

Anticipating the summer


Eight episodes left.  Coming this summer.

Go Team…Venture?

So, four years ago I attended a Halloween party.  I planned ahead for the costume, so I was able to grow my beard long enough to facilitate my pop-culture flavor of the moment…Doctor Thaddeus ‘Rusty’ Venture, of the Adult Swim animated series The Venture Bros.

Unfortunately, nobody bothered to tell me when pictures were being taken, so instead of looking awake and in control of my faculties, I look like a dope.

This Halloween party would be 9 times more awesome if I didn’t look brain dead.

I’ll be honest, that is the only photo anyone bothered to take of just me in my costume.  But, luckily for you readers, I was spotted in the background of a group shot…looking just as blank-slate as before.

Is that a speed suit or are you just brain dead?
Oh…it’s both. I understand.

So, it’s not perfect, but I tried to get as close as I could.

You didn’t bring me cake? Fine! I didn’t even want cake anyway. Asshole.

New iPhone wallpapers

Some written blog posts are on the way soon, for all 3 of you readers that are waiting.  But in the meantime, I worked up some new wallpapers for my iPhone using an image of Superman originally painted by comic book icon Alex Ross.

One lock screen:

and the first of three home screens (more to come):


In case anyone is curious, we have original Superman, behind him we have the Player 2 version of him from the old school “bash n smash” arcade game, the white S belongs to a version based on the Justice Lords version from the Justice League animated series.  Back row, we have Bizarro, and the outfit Superman wore when he came back from the dead.

After reading all that, I realize how geeked up it all sounds.  Wow.

New iPhone wallpapers!

So I have recently begun my newest sci-fi TV show project.  A full viewing, beginning to end, of the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series which I have never seen before.  In honor of this undertaking, I designed a new lock screen and home screen pairing for my iPhone.  First we have the lock screen;

Lock Screen

For the home screen, I wanted to start with a logo.  I found the one I liked the best on Deviantart from a user named cyberdrone2000.  I’ve been trying for twenty minutes to post his image, but I can’t make it work.  Instead, PLEASE view his image in his Deviantart gallery here!

From the logo image he made, I did some photoshop work on it, and came up with:

Home Screen

I’m really pleased with how this came out, and hope you all enjoy it too.  Once again, check out cyberdrone2000 at and look at his gallery.

Geek Tweaking my iPhone: Stargate screens

Mere minutes later, here are the four screen pairings I made for my phone based on Stargate.

Stargate: SG-1

Stargate: Atlantis

Stargate: Universe

Celebrating my reaching the end of ALL the series.

Geek Tweaking my iPhone

The first thing I did when I purchased my iPhone last year was, obviously, “slide to unlock.”  That was when I saw a great opportunity to add some geeky customization to the lock screen and home screen.  Would others be able to see it?  Only when I hold my phone out to them and say “hey, check out this cool thing I did.  No, I don’t have a girlfriend.  Why do you ask?”

Here are a few of the lock/home screen pairs I made up.  Next post will show some more, all made when I was watching all three Stargate television series in order.  Why do you keep asking if I have a girlfriend or not?

Yup, that's my eye


The Last Starfighter

Why is this not a real iPhone function?

Honest, I kinda creeped myself out with this one.

Star Wars, Old Timey Style

Inspired by the podcast Top 5, available through Major Spoilers (find links on the right) I decided to make a poster showing what Star Wars should have looked like if it were made a few decades earlier.