I imagine that out of all the people who have visited this website, a sizable number of them will be able to relate to the following scenario; every year or two, I realize I have neglected to perform proper maintenance and upkeep on my website, so I sit down and spend a day or three giving it a bit of an overhaul. I redesign the header and background images, change the design theme, add and remove pages, recategorize posts, read old blog entries and revisit old photoshop work which then prompts me to poke myself in the eyes, all the usual stuff. Well, all that has happened again, and the website you are seeing is the latest result. This page is meant to be the “about” page, and that’s what I’m about right now.

What else am I about? I’m married, a stepfather, recently a homeowner, and for 40 hours a week I’m a security officer. A few times a year I am approached by an individual, sometimes a local non-profit, for some graphic design work. I’ve made website headers, podcast cover images, social media avatars, promotional posters, flyers, bookmarks, and several book covers, as well as performing editing and interior layout for those books, with the occasional custom photo manipulation here and there. When I’m not working on commissioned projects, I’m monkeying around with personal photoshop projects, like genre tv/movie mashups, fake paperback covers for reboots and continuations I’d like to see, posters, wallpapers, mobile device backgrounds, and so on and so on. Every now and then, when schedules line up, I also do some podcasting. Multiple attempts at regularly recording a show on my own have proven to be folly, so these days I make guest appearances on other peoples’ podcasts, primarily on the Cosmic Potato Podcast Network (link available in sidebar.) Through podcasting I have made several friends in various states, even other countries, and even had a few brushes with fame, like the time I appeared on a show with New York Times Bestselling Author and luminary Star Trek write Michael Jan Friedman. He wished me a happy birthday on facebook this year, so my life has not been wasted.


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