Whether accidentally or on purpose, you have found your way to the website for PlanetRise Creative, online home for an array of creative endeavors by Scott Matteson in graphic art, both for leisure and work-for-hire. This site was created in part as an online portfolio for Scott’s graphic artwork, and also as a way to share the enjoyment he draws from forming creative ideas and expressing them visually.

Scott has been working as a freelance Graphic Artist for over a decade, being regularly contracted by local and statewide nonprofit organizations to design book covers for poetry anthologies as well as handling transcribing, formatting and some editing of those publications. In addition, he has crafted website headers, podcast cover images, social media avatars, promotional posters, flyers, bookmarks, full decks of custom playing cards and a variety of photo manipulation projects. Between paid gigs Scott is often fashioning personal Photoshop-based projects in the form of wall art pieces, custom movie cover images for personal digital media libraries, fake/parody movie posters, desktop wallpapers, mobile device backgrounds, the occasional meme, genre fiction mashups, mass market paperback covers for book adaptations that don’t exist and so on.

Beyond graphic art one can find Scott wherever quality podcasts are downloaded as an Associate Producer and frequent host/co-host on the Infinite Potato Alliance Podcast Network. Most recently he took over ongoing host duties for That Star Trek Podcast and often appears on the shows Cosmic Potato and Captain Gameshow. Over the years as a podcaster he has conducted or participated in interviews with an assortment of notable figures and celebrities which include bestselling authors such as Michael Jan Friedman, David Mack, Alan Dean Foster, and Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, as well as film/tv actors like Eduardo Roman, Noah Averbach-Katz and Armin Shimerman, and even the Executive Producer of all three Stargate television series, Joe Mallozzi.

Scott resides in southwest Michigan where he was born and raised. He enjoys playing cribbage, hosting friends for weekend potlucks, reading in his designated reading recliner while sipping an Old Fashioned, some moderate Playstation gaming and virtually all things Star Trek related. His partner lives in Maine, and his cat Xena seldom lets him out of her sight because he obviously can’t be trusted.


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