In a surprise casting move, Marvel has announced the actor that will be portraying the titular villain in the 2015 blockbuster sequel to the record-breaking Avengers film.

According to science fiction website Through the Jumpgate, unconfirmed reports have it that Ultron, the artificial intelligence with an adamantium robotic body, will be portrayed by the star of Seth MacFarlane’s 2012 comedy, “Ted.”  And if you are picturing Mark Wahlberg, think again.

Crude Bear to Crazed Bot
Crude Bear to Crazed Bot

Ted the Bear will reportedly be tackling the role in what might be the most divisive superhero-movie casting choice since Ben Affleck was announced to be taking on the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming sequel to this year’s “Man of Steel.”  Unnamed sources are quoted as saying, “When [Affleck] was announced as the next Batman, the internet caught fire.  And not in the good, hot rumors and theorizing way.  I mean, in the ‘smoke is coming up and things are exploding and demons are screaming in the bowels of hell’ kind of way.  It was really surprising, since aside from a few missteps in his career, Ben is quite a capable actor and director.  But we figured that if everyone was distracted by that news, we could slip this bit of casting out there and people probably wouldn’t even notice.”  Attempts by Through the Jumpgate to reach Ted the Bear for comment were met with a confused voice on the phone saying, “you’re trying to call a fucking bear?  Who is this?”


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