Trek Advent: Day 8

Getting an early start to Sunday with #TrekAdvent with a Star Trek cliffhanger that dropped my jaw as a child.
Vicious Borg were scary enough, but to realize who was leading them at the same moment Picard figured it out blew my young mind. And Data with emotion? Seeing him reacquire that chip opened a door to a world of possibilities for the character. (Personally I don’t think they ever really walked through it, but that’s another story.)
Perhaps my favorite moment happened behind the scenes; Stephen Hawking appeared as himself in the episode’s teaser. While on the set he visited the bridge and sat in the captain’s chair, and made it to Engineering to look at the Warp Core. While looking at it he reassured everyone “I’m working on that.”
Day 8: Descent.

An Army of John

In the 80s and 90s it always stuck out to me the number of action heroes with the first name John. They were everywhere! For years I wondered what it would look like if they all got put together in one movie. So recently I did a search for “movie characters named John” and found quite a list. Many of them were little-known characters or otherwise unremarkable for this concept, but I managed to find more than enough to put together an Expendables-style cast of Johns. Sure, there’s a villain or two. Sure there are a few less notable examples included. But overall…..I think I’d watch this movie.

If for no other reason than being able to see three Arnolds on screen as three different characters.



Trek Advent: Day 7

Two Enterprise officers searching for their fathers. One chases a bird into his own dreams, the other chases a rumor to a Romulan prison camp. Neither find what they were expecting.
This Trek Advent two-part episode also gave us a delightful glimpse of TNG characters interacting with people and places from DS9. Geordi and Worf sharing lunch on the Promenade, Picard and Beverly having a walk and hearing Picard direct the turbolift to “Ops”, and Bashir sneaking into sickbay on the Enterprise to borrow their scanning equipment. In fact Bashir was not originally meant to be in that scene, but rather Jadzia Dax. However filming of the DS9 episode “Move Along Home” prevented her from appearing, and allowed Alexander Siddig to replace her as Bashir’s disappearance in “Move Along Home” meant he was needed there less and thus had the time to appear.
Day 7: Birthright.

Trek Advent: Day 6

The #TrekAdvent for today is one of the most gripping #StarTrek TNG stories there is. A covert mission. A new Captain of the Enterprise. A Cardassian jailer, and one of the most memorable questions in the history of Trek.

“How many lights do you see?”

In preparation for the episode, Patrick Stewart was provided tapes from Amnesty International which he reviewed as a way to inform his performance during the torture scenes. He filmed the initial scene, of being suspended by the wrists, fully nude on a closed set.

As an additional note; the torture/interrogation storyline was influenced heavily by the 1991 film Closet Land by writer/director Radha Bharadwaj. This is an outstanding film starring Madeleine Stowe and Alan Rickman, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Day 6: Chain of Command.

Trek Advent: Day 5

Sorry it’s late in the day, but I hope today’s Trek Advent is worth the wait. This was the image that started the entire project for me.
Found beneath San Francisco in the 24th Century, Mark Twain’s watch opened a delightful Star Trek: The Next Generation time-travel story. It also inspired actor Jerry Hardin, who portrayed Twain in this two-part episode, to develop and perform a one-man play about the legendary author.
Day 5: Time’s Arrow

Trek Advent: Day 4

Today’s Trek Advent, the first two-part episode from The Next Generation that did not begin and/or end a season. Massive expectations for this episode, which brought Leonard Nimoy back to televised Star Trek. He was rock solid, as ever, in his portrayal of Spock and a we witnessed a shattering performance by Mark Lenard, in his final appearance as Sarek.
Day 4: “Unification”

A variety of Trek

We have a bit to share today.

The Star Trek fan community mourns today as we learn of the passing of long-time Trek script writer and story editor Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana. A memorial badge can be seen here, and for those who are interested there is a round variant suitable for temporary use as a social media avatar, which can be found on the PlanetRise Creative Twitter account.

Tuesday is TrekTuesday around here, so we share the latest installment of #StarfleetDivisions52. December has five Tuesdays so we begin a new 5-part set of The Oversight Branch. This week we have the Alpha Quadrant Oversight Division.

And finally, we’re a few days late in presenting the 2019 Star Trek Advent Calendar. Twitter/Facebook have already started, so we’re just catching up here. (We’ll get on top of daily releases here too.) The Advent calendar will present a cover image every day for each two-part/feature-length episode from The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, with a couple bonuses thrown in to fill the rest of the calendar.