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The Orville: the Motion Picture

This one, well it’s entirely for kicks.


What if…? The Last Starfighter sequel books.

After putting together those Quantum Leap book covers, I revived an old sequel idea I had about 5 years ago for the classic (back off, haters) sci-fi film The Last Starfighter. Again, if the story was adapted to books rather than film, what might the covers look like? Well, I’ve been watching Star Trek Discovery and The Flash lately, among other shows, so I borrowed Doug Jones and Tom Cavanaugh (more accurately their faces) to create these paperback covers.

What if…? Quantum Leap sequel novels

Lately I’ve been exercising my photoshop muscles and my creativity by constructing covers for paperbacks that do not exist. In this post, I have covers for a trilogy of Quantum Leap novels that continue the story from the television series. For more on what that story would look like, find a recent episode of Cosmic Potato: The Super Fan Talk Podcast where I appear as a guest alongside host Shawn Wray and very special guest Christopher DeFilippis (author of the Quantum Leap novel Foreknowledge) and ramble on about it.

Podcast Episode 008! THE FLASH!

Special Guest RICK TETRAULT and I jibber jabber about The Flash Season 3 and what it may mean for the future, and the past, in our final CW Superhero Quartet episode. No episode predictions this time, but you’ll get a double dose of them next episode.

Podcast Episode 007! LEGENDS OF TOMORROW!

A bit behind schedule, but still slinging predictions! This episode of Next Time gives our FIRST episode predictions for Lucifer, Gotham, and Agents of SHIELD, as well as our look ahead to Legends of Tomorrow, Season 2.

Podcast episode 006! AGENTS OF SHIELD

Coulson gets demoted, Daisy has the public Quaking in their boots, Batman is running SHIELD, and that is NOT Nic Cage’s flaming skull!

Returning from an unplanned mid-season break, NEXT TIME is here to divine the future of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD in Season 4, premiering Tuesday September 20 at 10pm. Listen as many times as you want! It’s free!

Podcast episode 005! SUPERGIRL

With Supergirl moving from CBS to The CW, NEXT TIME moves from scripted to unscripted for a test run of freestyle predicting. Share your thoughts and help decide if the change is permanent. This episode we ruminate on what storylines may unfold in season 2, and what changes might be in store when Supergirl joins the ranks of Green Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Listen and share!

Podcast episode 004! ARROW (featuring the DC on SCREEN Podcast!)

We are joined by the hosts of The DC on Screen Podcast for an intense “prediction jam session” with theories and hopes for season five of The CW’s Arrow flying every which way! We talk new characters, new directions, old mistakes, and what we want to see. Check out my guests at their website and let us know what you think of the show.


Podcast episode 003! LUCIFER.

Our third episode of NEXT TIME lays out our predictions and theories for the upcoming second season of the FOX supernatural procedural LUCIFER. Listen, share it, and send us some feedback.


Podcast episode 002, oops

So, this episode went up last week and I forgot to say so here.  I said so other places, but not here.  So, for both of you that visit this page, HERE YA GO!