Transmetropolitan Movie Poster

Put together another fake movie poster as part of my continuing efforts to be ready to capitalize on any potential adaptation/reboot that may come along. This time I based it on my favorite comic book series, the brilliant Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis, with art by Darick Robertson. Back when it was published in the late 90s to early 2000s I would have put Sir Patrick Stewart in the poster as the main character, knowing he was a legit fan of the comic. But seeing as how he has aged out of the role, I pulled an X-Men and replaced him with James McAvoy.

For any fans of the comic; who would you cast in the remaining roles? The poster credits include Margot Robbie (who I intended to be Channon Yarrow) but what about Yelena Rossini? Mitchell Royce? The Beast? The Smiler? Sound off, folks!



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