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Burst of creativity.

I’ve been working on some various Photoshop designs recently.  Nothing incredibly detailed or intense, but fun little creativity grenades to lob into the universe.  Most, if not all, of these will be showing up on CafePress and should be available to purchase on shirts, mugs, coasters, and such. (Remember, some are designed to go on a black or colored background. Use your imagination on those.)

DS9coaster NeonTrekB NeonTrekR NeonTrekY redshirtmemorial samuraiblack samuraiwhite starfleetcoffee


Short fiction, 2/9/12

I was born here.

The door creaks and moans its protest as I enter. The floorboards cough dust upon my bare feet with every step. I lay my hands on the old furniture, still covered in the yellowing bed sheets, looking like so many corpses, and wonder why I bothered protecting sofas and chairs that I thought never again would receive guests.

I was born here.

I pull the curtains back from the dirt-coated windows and turn to see the now illuminated living room and, for a fleeting moment, it looks as it did once upon a time. The cat stretches on the new carpet, the Christmas tree blinks and shines in the corner, my family gathers around the television, my nephew thumps across the floor in search of new adventure. When I bat my eyes the years reassert themselves, and the cold clenches down upon the house once again. It takes me several seconds to realize that my mouth was open and my breath was drawn, ready to speak to these old ghosts. A loneliness the world has never known settles into my chest.

I was born here.

I light the candles. I remove the sheets. I clean the windows and the floor. I make everything come to life again. I sit down in the old recliner, preparing the stories I will tell. The door creaks and moans its protest as you enter. Come in. Sit down.

I have so much to tell you.

Don’t try this at home

“Crazy Ivan” is a comic strip character I made years ago.  I don’t really know why.  But here is his greatest adventure.

Li’l Jesus

I comic I made several years ago.

Jesus: The Early Years