Trek Advent: Day 6

The #TrekAdvent for today is one of the most gripping #StarTrek TNG stories there is. A covert mission. A new Captain of the Enterprise. A Cardassian jailer, and one of the most memorable questions in the history of Trek.

“How many lights do you see?”

In preparation for the episode, Patrick Stewart was provided tapes from Amnesty International which he reviewed as a way to inform his performance during the torture scenes. He filmed the initial scene, of being suspended by the wrists, fully nude on a closed set.

As an additional note; the torture/interrogation storyline was influenced heavily by the 1991 film Closet Land by writer/director Radha Bharadwaj. This is an outstanding film starring Madeleine Stowe and Alan Rickman, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Day 6: Chain of Command.


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