Trek Advent: Day 7

Two Enterprise officers searching for their fathers. One chases a bird into his own dreams, the other chases a rumor to a Romulan prison camp. Neither find what they were expecting.
This Trek Advent two-part episode also gave us a delightful glimpse of TNG characters interacting with people and places from DS9. Geordi and Worf sharing lunch on the Promenade, Picard and Beverly having a walk and hearing Picard direct the turbolift to “Ops”, and Bashir sneaking into sickbay on the Enterprise to borrow their scanning equipment. In fact Bashir was not originally meant to be in that scene, but rather Jadzia Dax. However filming of the DS9 episode “Move Along Home” prevented her from appearing, and allowed Alexander Siddig to replace her as Bashir’s disappearance in “Move Along Home” meant he was needed there less and thus had the time to appear.
Day 7: Birthright.

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