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Dark Side of the Trek

I prepared this image for a tshirt design contest online, but the day I logged on to submit the design, I found a virtually identical design had been submitted that very morning.  I don’t feel right submitting it now, so I will post mine here instead.  Next time, I will not delay my submissions!

Starfleet, get away. Get a good job with more pay. And Make It So.


Unseen support for superheroes

Contest entry for Cracked…again.

Another Cracked Photoplasty Contest

Just out of frame of famous movie moments.

Cracked Photoshop Contest Bundle

Science Lessons From Video Game Universes

Apps You Would Install In Your Brain




Alternate Interpretations of Warning Sign Symbols

Still another ad for an illegal item

Probably the last entry for this contest.  We’ll see.

Every kiss begins with BLOOD

Another ad for illegal things.

Ads for Illegal Things

This is an image I put together for a Photoplasty contest on

The contest is to make an image of creative advertising for illegal services/people/groups.  Please everyone let me know what you think.

an ad for mercenaries

New Cracked Contest Entry

The contest asked for classic pictures updated to be ads.  I mistook that to mean motion pictures, so this first entry may not be on the money.  Still fun though.

Gone With The Binaca