Star Wars, Old Timey Style

Inspired by the podcast Top 5, available through Major Spoilers (find links on the right) I decided to make a poster showing what Star Wars should have looked like if it were made a few decades earlier.


Sharp Dressed (Bat)Man

StumbleUpon brought me to this particular image.  As a big fan of Batman, I can only say that I love this image.  The image was created by Benjamin Andrew Moore.  His web info is listed below, and I highly recommend visiting his site!  He creates the kind of work that makes me wish I was better at what I do.


Twitter:   @benandrewmoore


Classics Plus One Word

I Know Why the Rib Caged Bird Sings.

Catcher In the Rye Toast.

Moby Spotted Dick.

Slaughter-House Five Dollars.

A Tale of Two Inner Cities.

The Great Pumpkin Gatsby.

Citizen Kandy Kane.

Joey Lawrence of Arabia.

Gone With the Wind Breaker.

The Fairy Godfather.

Mary Cherry Poppins.

20,000 Justice Leagues Under the Sea.

It’s A Wonderful Half Life.

403 Forbidden Planet.